2017-12-15 12:01:47 by Tr3Yo


it's itchy3196879_151335725443_DQ8pX-vVQAAqxnc.jpg


2017-11-10 06:18:53 by Tr3Yo


Hello, Newgrounds!

2017-07-05 16:49:38 by Tr3Yo

It's been a while! I've been really busy with university and job. 

Soooo, I will try to animate some madness-related stuff. Is there any collaborations I could join? 


2017-01-17 03:14:37 by Tr3Yo




sup i'm dead

a new haircut!

2016-11-07 21:57:24 by Tr3Yo



2016-08-10 10:23:18 by Tr3Yo

still diggin it! 2nd clip for extermination collab!

i hope i can finish it before deadline, sorry for being late @GabrielBarsch

btw i think the first clip is really fucked up, i gotta change or replace that with an edited one.



2016-03-24 12:57:37 by Tr3Yo

Good news and bad news.

By the way, sorry for being inactive. Been so busy with work, university, friends. You guys may think I don't animate anymore, but NO, it is not true. 

Good news: so, YES, I still animate, joined extermination collab, already finished one part.

Bad news: I sold my computer. You can expect a big nothing for a while. (Especially collab parts)

[EDIT] : recently bought a new laptop! 



2016-01-07 06:25:49 by Tr3Yo


i created a youtube channel, i'll be uploading some animations there. subscraeb pleez

also i made a short madness-themed movie, watch it here 


Madness Day.

2015-09-22 13:08:49 by Tr3Yo

Can't believe that the first Madness Day was 8 years ago. (!!)

I never showed this to anyone, this is one of my old movies I couldn't finish. (cuz it really sucks)

Madness Retaliation (2009-2010)

By the way, Happy Madness Day, children. 3196879_144294165871_x_d9c55b09.jpg


2015-04-07 11:55:16 by Tr3Yo